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Sports Gear You Should Own This 2022

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With 2022 in full swing and shaping up to be a great year for travel, the time to shop for new sports gear and travel goods is now. You can finally live out those vacation plans you’ve been holding off for months. After all the stress you’ve gone through amid the pandemic, an exhilarating out-of-town trip is something you truly deserve.

Aside from travelers, though, fitness buffs are also in the market for new sports items. It may be a wise idea to ride the wave and splurge on your own gear as well before they go out of stock. Whether you’re buying for your next out-of-town trip or just for a trip to the gym, owning these will definitely make things more convenient.

Here’s a couple of sports gear you should consider getting!

Adidas 4ATHLTS Backpack FJ4441

As the world slowly loosens up travel restrictions, now is the best time to plan outings with your friends and family! That being said, traveling to far away places means you’re going to need a reliable backpack that can keep up with you on-the-go. 

With that in mind, you can’t go wrong with an Adidas 4ATHLTS Backpack. Thick where it counts and roomy where it needs to be, it’s the perfect place to store all your belongings and keep them secure. It’s also a must for visits to the gym or backpacking trips around local provinces if you’re the active and adventurous type. For bloggers, this bag can carry your laptop and all the gadgets you need to keep your trip documented and your audience updated.


Adidas 4ATHLTS Backpack


Adidas Men's Continental 80 G27707

Boasting style with its all-black simplicity, the Adidas Continental 80 release embodies the nostalgic retro vibes of 80s sneakers with an added modern twist. Whether you’re pairing this with the right outfit or simply keeping them displayed on your collection, this pair is bound to turn heads wherever they’re used.

Adidas Men's Continental 80


Reebok Men's Flexagon Energy Train 3 GZ0293

Find your footing easily when you go for a run with these Reebok Men’s Flexagon Energy Train 3 shoes. This model is a must-have for athletes and athletes in the making. They also allow dynamic movement and comfort thanks to its Fuelfoam technology. Every step you take will feel solid, as if they were tailor-made especially for you.

Reebok Men's Flexagon Energy Train 3


Under Armour Men's Tech ABC Camo SS 1361698-012

Last but certainly not the least is our fresh Under Armour Tech Camo shirt! Experience maximum comfort when you wear this shirt during rigorous activities and fitness routines. Not only is it made from a sweat-resistant material, its fabric also helps keep its wearer cool amid the heat. It’s equipped with anti-odor tech as well to keep bad odors at bay. A must have for the summer sun, and perfect for the heat that the 2022 summer will inevitably bring.

Under Armour Men's Tech ABC Camo


If you want more choices, you can always take a quick look at the Sports Central online store to see what else catches your eye! All our products are quality made and 100% genuine, straight from the manufacturers. We cater to people who lead active, sporty, and adventurous lifestyles, ensuring they get the best goods to complete their 2022 gear checklist.

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