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New Balance

New Balance: Inspiring You to Move 

In whatever pursuits — athletic or humanitarian — New Balance endeavors to separate themselves from the rest, taking on the challenge to be different yet excellent in the competitive world of sportswear.

Standing up for one truth: "We are made to move", the brand’s ongoing momentum is rooted in its desire to change and move communities forward by building a socially and environmentally responsible business. 

New Balance has come a long way from its identity as another athletic brand in the market. The sports brand is not only driven to create excellent and innovative activewear (ranging from apparel to footwear), they’re also passionate about making a positive impact that will reach beyond the present and into the future.

How New Balance started

Their 100-year history goes back to 1906 when founder, William Riley, started the New Balance Arch Co. in Boston and delivered to the market the company’s first groundbreaking product, the flexible arch inserts. Over the years, their steady growth can be attributed to the risks taken together with their undeniable craftsmanship. This pushed the brand high in the global sportswear ranks. 

New leadership was assumed in the 1970s, further elevating it to new heights. Today, the New Balance brand is privately owned by Jim and Anne Davis and associated with the New Balance Athletics, Inc. Operating for more than a century, the company’s leaders believe that they’re still a work in progress with countless years of learning ahead of them. 

What New Balance stands for

Teamwork, integrity, and total customer satisfaction are the core values that drive innovation and inclusion within their organization. Apart from this, it is their commitment to improving communities and creating the finest sportswear products that are sustainable and good for the environment.

True to its vision, New Balance continues to move forward and upward in the sportswear industry. Of course, with the help of its deeply ingrained values of giving back to whatever, wherever, and whomever it can.

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The fantastic lineup of New Balance running shoes, sneakers, and slides flawlessly combines function and style. Its products have awesome features and more, made to inspire movement in athletes and enthusiasts. This is to support its goal to promote the consistent pursuit of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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