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Swimming Essentials at Sports Central Online

It’s never too late to begin an active lifestyle. And if you’re considering starting today and have yet to pick a sport, why not try swimming? Swimming is an excellent workout for all ages and fitness levels. It’s packed with benefits that can improve your overall health. 

Find out below why swimming is the perfect activity for you and how Sports Central’s online store can help you reach your fitness goals.

Health benefits of swimming

Gives a full-body workout

No exercise works out your entire body better than swimming. Different swimming strokes utilize diverse muscle groups in your body, helping you get that well-rounded workout. The freestyle stroke is perfect for beginners. Doing this uses almost all your muscles and joints with a higher focus on toning your back muscles.

Helps burn calories and is ideal for weight loss

This is one compelling reason to get into swimming. It helps you burn more calories and lose weight faster than other exercises. Swimming freestyle is the easiest way to burn hundreds of calories. Calories burned also depend on the swimmer’s ability—beginners tend to lose more due to a higher exerted effort.

Boosts confidence

According to studies, child swimmers tend to be more confident compared to their peers. The same goes for adult swimmers. Beginners can develop better posture and body lines when swimming. This visible improvement in physical appearance significantly contributes to confidence.

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Aside from the external benefits, swimmers have a lesser risk of experiencing long-term illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases. Swimming is as good as any land-based workout. However, what makes it great for improving heart health can be attributed to hydrostatic pressure. According to, it’s the pressure exerted by a fluid at rest due to the force of gravity. Water pressure improves blood circulation by pushing blood to the heart.

Relieves stress and provides relaxation

Stressed with your weekly activities? More than an aerobic exercise, swimming is also a great stress-reliever. It’s long been known to decrease stress levels, improve mood, and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Performing proper swimming techniques enables rhythmic breathing that activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which controls your rest and relaxation state.

Largely benefits all ages and fitness levels

Despite your current fitness level or age, whether you’re just starting out or exercising regularly, swimming is the ideal workout to try. In addition to its cardiovascular and weight loss benefits, it also improves your mental functions and boosts memory capacity. Since it is low-impact, swimming also suits those with joint problems or asthma.

Find your fitness essentials in one place

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