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What Makes a Good Pair of Basketball Shoes?

When choosing the right basketball shoes, consider several things as you browse through a selection. The famous and lauded sport combines runs, jumps, and abrupt movements that it’s not surprising shoes used aren’t typically built. They must support a player’s activity and quick maneuvers to ensure performance efficiency.

It’s safe to say that the attributes and features of basketball shoes significantly differ from that of running or training shoes. Although many are attracted to style first, if you’re a professional or maybe a passionate basketball player, you will base it on various factors such as the following:


On a basketball court, traction or the friction between the floor and the soles of your shoes can greatly affect your play. Basketball, being a sport of complex footwork, requires shoes that can keep up with the intensity of its movements. It is something running shoes can’t fulfill.

Like tires on cars, your shoes are the only thing touching the court’s floor. The grip it has will allow you to keep balance while scoring a basket, pivoting more effectively, or executing a quick change of direction.


Basketball is a sport also filled with lateral movements. For this reason, good cushioning in your footwear plays an important role. 

During play, your movements can cause a lot of pressure on your feet. Thus, it’s a must to find basketball shoes that can cushion the stress your ankles and soles go through. It’s crucial to note that over cushioning on shoes can also harm your gameplay as it can result in miscalculations.


There are three types of basketball shoes: high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops, and each of them have its pros and cons. To determine which is for you, first, you have to determine your play style.

If you want more ankle support, get a high-top shoe. It will provide you the most ankle support out of the three. However, a con of this type of shoe is its weight. It can affect your agility as a player and render you ineffective in crucial fast-break situations.

The mid-top offers medium support on ankles compared to high-tops and allows you to be more flexible with your movement. The downside to this is that it’s less stable. 

Last but not least are low-tops. It is more lightweight compared to the other two. Players who bank on their agility and speed can benefit more from this style. Its disadvantage is it provides minor ankle support.


As basketball is a team sport, each player has a role to partake in. With this in mind, it’s beneficial to consider your position in the game.

For instance, guards are the playmakers of the game. They require quick movements and footwork to gain an edge for the team. Forwards, on the other hand, are players who act as wingmen in the game. They are the ones to give support and secure the team points. Typically, they’re more prominent and more aggressive players. Some players can switch up to different positions. Usually, this type of player tries to find a middle ground on their shoe preference.

Basketball is a complex and exhilarating sport. It may have gone through its share of changes, but the people’s love for it has always stayed. Many use basketball shoes for their original purpose, but others may also wear them for their fashion sense and style. Either way, finding one can be challenging with all the options available.

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