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Under Armour Socks

Slip into comfort with Under Armour Socks

Under Armour is a famous athletic apparel company many people love for its stylish and functional clothing. Their products are sold in chain stores and online retailers, many of which are frequented by brand fans and casual sports fans looking to score quality apparel from them. In fact, the company's commitment to innovation and quality has earned it a loyal following among athletes and non-athletes alike.

Professionals in the fitness and sports industry know the importance of quality footwear. With this in mind, Under Armour makes an effort to support the needs of their customers with quality sports apparel they can use for their activities. 

Under Armour is also no stranger to creating quality athletic footwear. The brand has created shoes meant for fast and quick movements. This inspired its tagline, “This is what fast feels like.” 

Under Armour is a sports apparel company that keeps athletes cool, dry, and light throughout their activities. And it’s no surprise that their socks are of similar quality. 

What makes sports socks different?

Socks don’t look like much. They add a bit of style to the sports shoes of your choice. But no one can deny their importance in keeping feet dry throughout the day. It’s their job to absorb sweat.

Many of the socks you’d find in department stores are geared toward average civilians whose day-to-day routine vastly differs from that of an athlete. So what makes athletic socks different?

Besides the slightly higher cost, athletic socks are made specifically to support intense workouts. They absorb twice the amount of sweat compared to regular socks. They’re also more compressed to ensure feet remain dry for the rest of the day. These socks also lessen the chance of contracting foot-based fungal infections and aid in improving blood flow circulation even while you're idle.

Some athletic socks even offer more cushioning for the heel and sole, though this feature is often too subtle for the average person to notice. 

Never underestimate what socks can do for you. If you're looking for Under Armour recommendations, you should consider checking out these two: 


Under Armour Men's Run No Show Tab 2pk 1329363-004

The Under Armour Men's Run No Show Tab features embedded arch support that helps reduce foot fatigue for hard-working athletes. Its anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes, while its other materials avoid the accumulation of sweat. Plus, being a no-show pair of socks means you don't have to worry about color clashing with your shoes. This Under Armour socks is the perfect pair for the discerning athlete.

Under Armour Men's Essential UltraLowTab

For those who prefer the simple things in life, we recommend Under Armour Men's Essential UltraLowTab. These no-show socks are ultra-thin and lightweight and are made with no-slip silicone grips on the back of the heel to keep your socks from sliding down. It's also fitted with a front comfort tab to protect the top of the foot from irritation and lace bite. If you want a no-nonsense pair of socks, go for these!

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