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New Balance Cap

New Balance Caps Just for You!

New Balance brings its A-game with its series of comfortable caps consumers shouldn’t miss out on! They’re hip, reliable, and go wonderfully well with most sports outfits. They’re not just for athletes and pros; even simple fitness enthusiasts can enjoy wearing them. It’s no wonder that the globally known brand used materials and came up with a design for everyone to enjoy. 

There’s nothing new with exercising outside. In fact, many start an active lifestyle with outdoor training like walking and jogging. With this in mind, it’s a given that sun exposure is inevitable. 

Add a New Balance cap to your sportswear essentials for another layer of sun protection. Exposure to direct sunlight over an extended period can cause dehydration, fatigue, and heatstroke.

Take a look at Sports Central online and find one that can help you avoid the heat and, at the same time, suit your style.

Versatile New Balance caps & accessories

Truth be told, hats and caps can complement many popular styles aside from athleisure outfits. It helps that there are numerous styles to choose from, such as New Balance caps, making the headgear a possible fashion statement. One such example is are dad caps that became recognizable in the early 90s. Many of them even represented famous sports teams because sports outfits always had a consistent theme to encourage fans to shop their merchandise. 

Think your look is incomplete without a hat? New Balance caps are versatile pieces to complement casual outfits. If you’re in the market for a bunch of new caps, you’ll want to check these Sports Central favorites out!

New Balance Men's LAH03007B

Take your game to the next level with our NB Performance Hat V.4.0. This running cap features internal sweatbands that wick away moisture from the wearer's head to prevent exhaustion and discomfort from creeping in. This New Balance cap also features polyester mesh side vents for added breathability. It also has a push buckle closure with a sandwiched reflective brim to create an all-around comfortable hat.

New Balance Men's NEWLAH91014N

This navy blue New Balance Men’s cap brings soft style when you need it the most!. Like most caps, it’s lightweight, adjustable, and bears the NB logo at the center. It goes great with casual and athletic outfits.

If you want a different color, you might be interested in a black variant. It has all the pros of the original but in a slightly darker color. 

New Balance Men's Gorros Classic LAH91014SEL

Lastly, if you're in the mood for wearing a casual light-gray hat, you'll want the New Balance Men's Gorros Classic Cap. It's sleek, easy on the eyes, and is excellent for pairing with white outfits! A popular choice for referees and golf players.

If you’re still undecided on what cap to get, you can check out our sportswear collection at Sports Central’s online store. Find trusted quality brands like New Balance, Adidas, and Under Armour. What’s more, you can get access to their latest collections. 

Head to and shop for your sportswear essentials today!