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Athletic Fashion

Stay on Top of Athleisure Fashion Trends

Fashion has given sportswear a facelift and presented it with a new name: Athleisure. For decades, sportswear has been limited to sports settings. The advent of technology and innovations in the clothing industry blurred the lines between different styles, creating a mishmash of revolutionary fashion, athleisure being one of them.

The term “athleisure” comes from combining the words “athletic” and “leisure.” This distinctive trend eliminates its confines of sports use. It has lept over boundaries to offer a comfortable and laid-back style that can be worn to work, at play, or while running errands.

How athleisure become a trend

Today, activewear is not just for the athlete or fitness enthusiasts. It has successfully crossed over into everyday wear, with more fashion icons and influencers jumping on the trend. It’s common now to see people sporting athletic pieces along with their office attire or casual ensembles.

Of course, global fashion and sportswear brands took no time and immediately followed suit, releasing their athleisure line to the public. Sports stores in the Philippines kept up their pace with the fast rate of athletic fashion gaining popularity. You’ll be surprised to discover unlimited and diverse options on the market today. reported that the athleisure industry would reach over $100 billion in 2021 and go upward in the coming years. No longer a hype or simply a style, athleisure has become a definitive trend in 21st-century fashion.

Free to be yourself and free to move

The body positivity movement rampant in today’s generation may have pushed this trend to new heights. More than just fashion, athleisure has inspired women and men to embrace their bodies with the release of more inclusive designs.

High fashion brands and sportswear giants have revolutionized athletic fashion by making it more accessible and available to people with varying lifestyles. You don’t have to be an athlete or a fitness enthusiast to incorporate this trend into your wardrobe. 

Another strong point for athleisure is encouraging movement wherever you are. Improving synthetic materials like spandex and Lycra has transformed athletic fashion into versatile pieces that can be easily integrated with daily outfits. This progress allows wearers to move freely while performing their day-to-day tasks.

Athleisure is the perfect embodiment of the values and culture of the current generation: Striving to freely and comfortably embrace oneself while staying on the move in this fast-paced world.

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