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New Balance Slides

Don’t Lose Your Footing With New Balance

While New Balance has made its name known as a reputable sneaker brand worldwide, it wasn’t always a sneaker company. In 1906, the company was founded as New Balance Arch Support Company, focusing on manufacturing arch supports for shoes rather than shoes itself. It wasn’t until 1927 that they rebranded as the New Balance Athletic Shoe Company. From then on, they’ve gone on a long journey to become a household name in the footwear industry.

One of their first shoe models, the Trackster, was conceptualized when founder William Riley noticed how his farm chickens achieved perfect balance due to their three-pronged feet. From there, he pushed for the manufacturing of a model that featured a ripple sole design. This provided track runners peak balance without losing comfortability. 

Along with this, Riley also created shoe designs that focused on functionality rather than flavor-of-the-season gimmicks other brands were doing at the time. With this, they were able to win the American people's trust and eventually secure brand loyalty even with tough competition.

Sliding into every aspect of your life

New Balance may be known for their sneakers, but the brand also offers a variety of footwear types. One of the more famous ones being slip-ons and slides. 

Much like its sneaker counterpart, New Balance slides are all about achieving the perfect balance of durability and comfort without sacrificing style. This is the reason why it’s popular with people from all walks of life. With our wide array of sports slides, you’ll definitely have no trouble getting through the beach or having it as backup footwear for your travels.

The slides we have available are also guaranteed to be well-made and well-designed. Expect every pair to last you years - provided that you treat them well. By buying quality items from New Balance, you’ll get something that could last you a lifetime. To get started on your journey towards finding the best pair, here are a couple of our bestsellers:  

New Balance Men's New Slides 100 NEWSUF100TN

If you’re looking for something to wear for your beach trips and tropical adventures, this is the pair for you. Made from a synthetic upper and a super soft EVA foam, spend your downtime wearing this New Balance slides.

New Balance Men's New Slides 200 NEWSMF200BKD

With the cushioning in the midsole, this New Balance pair delivers top comfort for those looking to relax after a hard and intense workout. 

Want more choices? There’s a wide selection of New Balance slides available at our store! Don’t forget, we have plenty of footwear options available. So if you’re looking for more than just casual slip-ons, you know we have your back. 

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