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Safe Outdoor Activities During The Pandemic

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Safe Outdoor Activities During The Pandemic

With the pandemic, several services had to temporarily shut down for safety measures, including the gym. And for those who frequent it, may see this as an inconvenience and a cause of setback in their fitness goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way! 

There are safe outdoor activities you still can do during this pandemic - from outdoor sports to simple walking. Here are some of the things you can do with your family.

Walking, running, or biking along your neighborhood

With the nature of COVID-19, one disadvantage of gyms during this pandemic is their enclosed spaces. Additionally, they have high-touch surfaces due to equipment sharing and poor ventilation, making it easy to get exposed and be infected.

Opt to work out in an open space! The risk of transmission is smaller. Go on walks, a run, or bike around your community to get proper exercise. And if your neighborhood is too cramped, find a park or an open field to do these instead.

Camping at home

Camping in your backyard is a great way to experience the outdoors without actually going out. Just set up a tent, a picnic basket, sleeping bags, and some leisure-related items like board games, a speaker, books, etc. and you’re all set. Doing this is also a great way to bond with the family when you’re all stuck at home.

Hanging out at the playground

If you have a child or a younger sibling, consider taking them out to a nearby outdoor playground. Playing with them can serve as an excellent minor exercise. Plus, with the open air, it’s less likely for them to get infected by COVID-19. Just make sure they’re wearing their masks at all times, they don’t touch any surfaces, and you’re constantly cleaning their hands as they go.

Doing nature-related activities

Should the restrictions be lifted and going out is allowed again, go out of town for nature-related activities! Hiking, swimming, boating, or fishing in nature can be quite therapeutic. It certainly beats being stuck in an enclosed space where the likelihood of getting COVID-19 is higher.

You don’t have to go to the gym just to get your regular dose of physical activity. You can still safely get fit by doing the activities above. Consider doing these with your family to get the exercise you need to be healthy. And, of course, always follow the proper safety guidelines.

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