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Tips for Exercising in the Summer Heat

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Many people get in the mood to exercise during the summer season. After all, if you’re sweating from sitting at home, you might as well cool off by doing some healthy routines for one to two hours a day. But you are probably wondering, “is it safe to exercise in hot weather?”

In the Philippines, exercising in the summer heat can be unhealthy for the unprepared. Heed the guide below so you can enjoy reaching your physical goals throughout the season!

Wear the right shoes and apparel

If you’re planning to take your physical activities seriously, you have to wear the right outfit! Light clothes and the proper shoes make all the difference in helping your body adapt to the high temperatures. There’s a reason why sports apparel brands continue to create and innovate with sweat-wicking fabric materials and the like.

For the best workout apparel, check out Sports Central’s online store for all the options you need. Ask a friend or someone knowledgeable for recommendations if you're unsure what to pick. You can also check reviews online and see what outfit or material suits your preferred exercise.

Hydrate regularly

Never take a cup of water for granted! Hot weather means people are losing fluids faster in non-air-conditioned areas, leading to dehydration. Fatigue and thirst are just some of the starting symptoms, but pretty soon a dehydrated person will suffer cramps, dizziness, loss of focus, and in worse worst cases, sudden fever. Continuous dehydration from an unhealthy lifestyle throughout a week or two will negatively affect your organs, which is something workers in public places need to avoid.

Of course, if you are just exercising under the summer sun, you simply need to bring a bottle of water with you during your routines. It’s also recommended that you avoid substituting water for other drinks like sodas and alcohol since their ingredients work to dehydrate the drinker. They can be refreshing at the start, but health-wise, they should not be your primary source of liquids. You can, however, use fresh vegetables and fruits to keep yourself fulfilled without getting bloated from drinking a jug of water.

Fruits and spicy things

If you’re not a fan of drinking too much water for bodybuilding reasons, you can opt instead to fill your stomach with fresh fruits and vegetables. They help you stay full and make workouts a little less tedious. 

You can also eat a cup of spicy noodles to force your body to cool off. It’s an excellent way to beat the heat, even if the last thing you want is to swallow hot food. Any hot beverage will do the job!

Avoid entering extremely cold rooms after a workout

This comes off more as a safety precaution for avoiding heat stroke. Your body has a way of managing its temperature, and exposing it to extremely hot or extremely cold rooms can induce heat-related illnesses in a matter of minutes. Before entering such rooms, take a breather after exercising and cool off in the shade first.

Know your limits

Having a goal when you’re exercising is a great way to stay motivated! But in the summer heat, you need to know your limitations especially if you are prone to fainting. You should also visit a doctor to see if you have any vulnerabilities that could deter you from performing rigorous routines under such hot conditions.

Overall, the do’s and don’ts of exercising come down to these three reminders: Do hydrate regularly, don’t overstrain yourself, and always use the right outfit. Missing any of these three will have you succumb to the worst the warm climate has to offer. Your health is in your hands!

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