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How To Keep Healthy This Flu Season

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We’re nearing the ‘ber months of the year, which means Flu Season is just around the corner! Of course, it’s a little bit more dangerous to catch it this time around, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Even if you only caught a mild flu case, some people in public might regard you as a carrier of COVID-19.

We at Sports Central PH would like to remind everyone to do their best to prevent the spread of flu infection. Use the guide below to find out how to stay healthy this flu season!


Practice Proper Hygiene

It’s practically a given nowadays, but it’s still good to be reminded of the importance of practicing proper hygiene. Washing your hands with soap and water can go a long way if you do it regularly. 


The same goes with using hand sanitizer and avoiding hand-to-face contact whenever you’re outside. It’s difficult, but if you want to avoid getting sick, save those face-scratching moments for after you soak those hands in the bathroom.

Stay Home if Possible

During flu season, avoid going outside if you can help it. Suppose you’re given a work-from-home set-up from the office; congratulations! You’re already safer than most corporate employees out there! 


However, if you really need to go outside, simply bring a face mask and hand sanitizer with you to avoid contracting the flu from public spaces. 

Avoid Sick People

Avoiding contact with sick people can be difficult, especially if you rely on public transport to get to work. However, going the extra mile to distance yourself from them can help protect you and those close to you from getting afflicted with the flu. 


Remember, droplets are invisible to the naked eye, and you won't know if you've inhaled a bad cough until it's too late.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy food for the flu season is a surefire way of boosting your immunity against seasonal ailments. Green vegetables, cooked fish, and fruits rich in Vitamin C all help, especially when taken on a daily basis. 


If you’re not a fan of these three, broth bowls and red meat can also aid in strengthening your body. You should also avoid starving yourself whenever possible. 


Stay Fit and Active

A healthy body can do wonders in improving your resistance to physical and mental disorders. There’s a better chance for the flu to take over weaker bodies, especially ones that don’t have a healthy lifestyle. 


Doing the bare minimum of staying fit, either through morning walks or indoor exercising, can do wonders in preventing mild illnesses from afflicting you. If you require sports apparel to help you get started, feel free to check out what’s available at Sports Central online! We offer plenty of great deals at our online store.


Remember, the flu can strike when we least expect it! Stay safe, stay healthy, but above all else— stay aware. Prevention beats a cure, and anything you can do to prevent the flu from affecting you is a challenge you should welcome with all your heart!.

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