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Ladies, Nail Your Athleisure Fashion With These Tips

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semi-crop top from Adidas - Sports Central

Athleisure is showing no signs of stopping and will continue to rise as the definitive fashion of the 21st century. Learn more about this modern trend and how you can ace the look with the help of Sports Central PH.

Athleisure in a nutshell

Some have successfully jumped on the bandwagon, while others remain perplexed with what it is. You don’t have to dig deep to know about the current trend that is athleisure fashion. 

Let’s put it simply this way: It’s sportswear for every day. 

Combining the words “athletic” and “leisure,” you get a unique style fusion that takes commonly-used workout pieces and incorporates them into ensembles for the office or weekend errand runs. 

The fashionable generation of today is embracing a no-fuss style, focusing on laid-back pieces that allow free movement. Athleisure, at its core, is an effortless and comfortable style for people on the go. It’s practical and easy to do. That’s why it is getting more popular by the second.

But don’t be mistaken; nailing the trend can be pretty tricky. There’s a specially thin line between looking absolutely fab and regrettably drab. No need to fret. Just remember all the style tips on this quick guide, and you’re well on your way to becoming an athleisure maven. 

A little goes a long way

Experts from explain that to successfully wear athleisure, you don’t have to look like you are going to the gym, but rather take one sportswear piece at a time and integrate it into your outfit for the day. The key is to look effortless and not over the top.

A moderately elevated style like this relaxed semi-crop top from Adidas can be paired with dark-colored jogger pants or loose high-waisted jeans, creating the perfect outfit for grocery shopping or running quick errands over the weekend.

Choose your trainers wisely

Athleisure fashion is heavily reliant on the perfect footwear. So if you’ve nailed down the right trainers, you’re 80 percent complete. Footwear from the collaboration series of Adidas and the HER Studio London (U.K.-based design studio led by women) are the perfect additions to your athleisure-themed wardrobe.

Taking inspiration from nature, this sneakers collection features a variety of blooming floral designs. These trainers make a bold statement in an otherwise understated ensemble, such as a plain white polo top and tailored slacks.

Don’t forget to mix and match

Successfully mixing and matching pieces will result in a polished look. You can do this by experimenting with contrasting fabric textures and differing silhouettes. For instance, try pairing a structured office top with the Adidas Women's Slim Cuffed Pants for a more laid-back feel to your Friday office attire.

If you’re more of a skirt girl, don a black and white monochromatic look using this sleek black skirt from Adidas topped with a plain white shirt and oversized black blazer. You can complete the chic ensemble with crisp and clean white trainers and a graphic tote bag from Adidas

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