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Unleash Your Best Self with Under Armour

With countless competitors around them, Under Armour consistently strives to make its own mark in the sportswear industry. What started as a humble dream of creating athletic apparel unlike any other, the brand has emerged with its own carved path seldom undertaken by even some of the most heavyweights in the industry.

Taking the road less traveled proved to be a success for Under Armour. Over the years, they have launched high-quality apparel and footwear, not just for athletes but also for the average individual. They stand by their belief that once the Under Armour shoes or clothing is put to work, it will unleash anyone’s potential resulting in better active performance.

Raising the stakes

No one does it like Under Armour. The brand has come up with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in creating its sportswear line. One of their game-changing moves was shifting to elastomeric hard yarns from the commonly used material in the industry, the elastane.

Focusing on the development of polymer materials and improvement of their thread texturing techniques, Under Armour came up with next-level quality products, which are made to outlast and outperform other brands in the market today. They’re also constantly looking for ingenious ways to create pieces that are 100% recyclable,  fulfilling their role in caring for the planet.

Committing to sustainability

Under Armour has summed up its sustainability goals in one simple statement: creating better athletes in a better world. This conviction on making a better and cleaner Earth to the best of their abilities has redirected their efforts. The brand has adopted more ethical and enduring practices. One of which is to efficiently use natural resources and energy. 

To fulfill this ambition, they have stopped with traditional manufacturing processes and designed a digital fabrication technique. This decision will further effectively reduce waste and harmful greenhouse gas emissions. 

Partnering with sports professionals

The manufacturing process is just one part of the whole picture. That’s why Under Armour has also aimed its conscious efforts at the athletic communities around the world.

Forging a lasting partnership with athletes is an essential action plan for the realization of their sustainability goals. This entails creating awareness and educating them first, eventually going beyond the boundaries of the sports industry to the common people.

With the creation of its first prototype called The Shorty, the brand continues to forge ahead with indispensable sportswear collections for both athletes and average individuals. They have expanded their line to also cover lifestyle and sports-inspired shoes and clothing, creating a more accessible and inclusive brand for all.
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