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Ready, Get Set and Run with Sports Central

If you’re at the starting point of your fitness journey, the question many beginners face is — where do you go from here? Based on the average activity level, most will go with jogging first, then move on to running or more high-impact workouts. 

Running has always been the top choice for fitness newbies, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s an enjoyable form of free exercise and can be done quickly in ample outdoor spaces. In addition, you won’t have any need for equipment.

So if you’re unsure where to start, pick up those running shoes and get ready to run.

Going towards your fitness goals

Switching from a sedentary lifestyle to an active one will require discipline and consistency. You may have seen regular runners in marathons or other sporting events, wondering where their endurance comes from to be able to run those long miles. It all begins with one step, literally and metaphorically.

For beginners, step one can start with planning an exercise schedule. They say that one must first learn to walk before one can run. That’s true, and the same goes for exercise.

Set up a specific time in a day to start your walking activities, and make sure to stick to it. Walking is an excellent way to strengthen your leg muscles before moving on to jogging and eventually doing longer runs. Consistency will result in stronger stamina and better endurance.

Knowing the benefits of running

Running packs a lot of health benefits. Aside from getting stronger bones and muscles, it can also widen your range of movement and improve your flexibility. When you run regularly, you may see a noticeable boost in your stamina levels. Along with endurance, your heart and lung become more robust as well, lessening your risk of heart disease and other severe illnesses.

Last but not least, losing weight is why people become active in the first place. Anyone will agree that getting a runner’s physique  — lean and toned — is a significant motivator to start running.

Finding the right fit

As with any exercise, using the right shoes will enhance your performance. Before heading to stores with running shoes near you, keep this in mind. Looking good is not the ultimate goal of buying a pair. You don’t want to end up with aching feet.

Running shoes are specifically designed to prevent injuries and keep you comfortable while moving by providing ample support for your feet, especially on your arch and toes. Find the top-performing shoes that match your running stride and form. Check some of these running shoe features, such as the midsole, outsole, cushioning, and stabilizing components.

Shopping the most-recommended running shoes online

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