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Sports Central's Top List: Basketball Shoes for Men

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Footwear has completely transformed the way people play basketball. What started out as performance footwear in the past turned into an icon on the court. With fresh silhouettes and eye-popping designs, the best basketball shoes out there will never fail to catch the attention of onlookers.

Hardcore basketball fans or casual players who shoot some hoops in their free time should check out this all-important list of basketball shoes. Take your gameplay to the next level with Sports Central's top picks!

King of The Court

One brand currently dominating the basketball scene is Adidas. With numerous NBA stars signed under their signature sneakers series, the global brand has proven its claim on the popular sport since the release of the Superstar in 1969.

Adidas D.O.N. Issue #3

If you’re a fan of the other issues from Donovan Mitchell’s signature line, you’ll have much to rave with the D.O.N. Issue #3. The purple-blue-yellow colorway represents the NBA player’s roots in New York City. Compared to the first two models of the series, #3 boasts a more refined aesthetic and form.

Why should you get this shoe? First and foremost, its consistent traction on hardwood is lauded by both shoe experts and ordinary users. It appears stiff at first look, but believe it or not, Issue #3 doesn’t require break-in time. 

In terms of performance, the curvature at the heel and forefoot allows players smooth and fluid motion on the court. Another good feature of these basketball shoes is their full-length Lightstrike cushioning that’s responsive and gives an adequate court feel.


Damian Lillard’s DAME 7 EXTPLY is an ode to his love for both the sport and hip hop. There’s no better shoe to back up your performance on the court than this pair. Fitted with a knit upper, your feet can easily breathe throughout the game. Also featuring the responsive Lightstrike cushioning and a rubber outsole for ample traction, you can move and achieve complex footwork with ease and comfort. 

If you’re not one to back out of the spotlight, the DAME 7 EXTPLY is sure to make you shine brighter.

Adidas Harden Stepback

There’s no mistaking a Harden Stepback when you see one. With its iconic James Harden logo printed on the sneaker tongue, you better believe you’re going to stand out on the court. Aesthetics aside, the herringbone pattern on the outsole provides solid traction and smooth heel-to-toe transition, allowing for stable movements. Its combined knit-synthetic upper is designed for the ultimate breathability and comfort whenever you play.

These Adidas basketball shoes get the job done no matter where you take it. For a good-performing shoe with the best value, the Harden Stepback is the one for you.

Superb Selections from Sports Central’s Online Store

Show your fervent love for basketball by grabbing the latest Adidas basketball shoes! You can continue browsing other all-time favorite brands like New Balance and Under Armour. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing on hardwood or pavement, with selections from these brands you’re all set to dominate the court. From running shoes to activewear, discover premium fitness essentials in one place—at Sports Central PH!

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