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Adidas Men's Running Shoes to Add to Your Rotation

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Are you in need of some motivational boost to keep up your running routine? Here’s a helpful tip: Make running more exciting by adding fresh kicks to your weekly rotation. It’s something to look forward to every time you plan your runs.

What better brand to choose from than Adidas? This sportswear giant is one of the few brands that bank on innovation and forward-thinking originality, forging a unique path in the industry.

With Adidas’s extensive selection of men’s running shoes, such as the popular Ultraboost series, choosing the right one isn’t exactly a walk in the park. As one of the top online shoe stores in the Philippines, Sports Central narrows down underrated alternatives to the Adidas Ultraboost sneakers, which you can check out below.

Adidas Men’s Strutter

Let’s start the list with an easy pick. Built with a wide-shaped body and minimal design features, people can’t help dubbing the Adidas Strutter for men as the “dad shoe.” However, don’t let this nickname turn you off. It’s the ideal sneakers for the function-over-form guy. 

The Adidas Strutter is a functional and comfortable pair that works excellent for any physical activity, especially if you’re a fan of light runs and low-impact exercises. It’s also slip-resistant, thanks to its grippy outsoles. This sleek all-black sneakers is a versatile piece that can go with any casual look or workout outfit.

Adidas Men’s Senseboost Go

The Senseboost Go is a no-nonsense running shoe that can double as a lifestyle sneaker. Runners can run comfortably on short, slow-paced runs with these kicks. The snug fit, reliable grippy outsole, lasting Continental rubber, and outstanding breathability are a few reasons that make it a solid running shoe.

Aside from running, people can’t get enough of its stylish aesthetic—a definite plus for an athleisure enthusiast’s wardrobe.

Are you in need of a pair that doesn’t compromise on durable quality, style, and comfort with a pocket-friendly price tag? Choosing the Adidas Senseboost Go is the way to go.

Adidas Men's Adizero RC 2

The Adidas Adizero RC 2 delivers a decent ground feel and steady traction in different running environments if you want the best value for your money. Famous for being ultralight and responsive, it performs well for running races and long-distance training. 

Still not convinced? The Adizero RC 2 Lightstrike cushioning technology, also found in Adidas’ basketball line, makes it extremely lightweight, responsive, and stable. What does this mean for you? Going fast will not be a problem.

The finest collection of Adidas running shoes at Sports Central

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